Monday, October 3, 2011


My best friend from high school Danielle Lentine got engaged last week! Her fiancé Marc is a great guy – I am thrilled for them. I am popping a card in the mail to them now. Here's a great card by Kelley Eubanks to try the next time a friend of yours gets engaged, or you are headed to a wedding. The wedding bell stamp is from PSA Mr. & Mrs. and the outer ring of hearts is from PSA Love Birds. 

]Congrats Danielle & Marc and anyone else out there recently engaged! I see showers, bachelorette parties, and lots of wedding events in my future….


  1. Wow your card to the newly engaged couple is lovely they will be pleased to receive this and many congratulations to them both:) Sandra H

  2. Congrats to Danielle and Marc. They look great together. Your card is lovely. the natural tone seems to fit them, based on your photo. Nice job!