Thursday, May 21, 2015

Post-Show Photo Recap

The past week has been an incredible whirlwind for us at PSA Essentials but what a fun and exciting one! The National Stationery Show at the Javits Center in New York City took place Sunday, May 17 through Wednesday, May 20.  It was an incredible opportunity to connect with our current retailers and a great chance for us to place names with faces. And what a great opportunity it was to introduce new retailers to our products and form the beginnings of a new relationships!  As I've mentioned a few times before recently, we are introducing a lot of new product and it was a perfect place to launch. The feedback and reception was exciting! (Stay tuned for more details...)

Also very special was the chance to connect with industry leaders and spend time with our partners. Over the last year, we've built some incredible partnerships with The Bonnie Marcus Collection, Teresa Collins, Kelly Hughes Designs, and more recently, Anna Griffin.  Each designer and brand is very different. Each brand and product reaches a different audience and all of them have so much to offer our customers. We all have so much to all be excited about as we delve deeper into the stamp industry. The show only reinforced how much opportunity there really is for all of us. 

It's also so inspiring to see what truly creative people are introducing and launching. I was incredibly inspired by so many companies booth designs, their products, and their innovations.  I've put together a photo recap of our booth, our new product, our partner events, inspiring booths, and anything that was just exciting.... so here's the photo recap! 

Here we are at booth 1653. We went with a turquoise/pink color scheme and the tag: "Envelope Style" because truly that's what we are all about. We showed a giant envelope stamped and a craft/party wall to illustrate all that you can do with our stamps. 

Here was our Champagne Toast with Bonnie Marcus on Sunday at 3 pm! 

That same day we had a drink with a industry leader and some-what mentor on the rooftop bar of a hotel on the West Side. What a fun experience and beautiful view!

Here was our event with Teresa Collins on Monday morning at 10 am. Unfortunately, I didn't find the time to take any pictures of Teresa herself! But I have some great pictures of stamps and donuts! 

We are so honored and humbled that industry leaders like the ones above have chosen to partner with us, and now adding Anna Griffin to the mix just brings us true excitement.  Here's a look at her exceptional booth and our self-inking stamper displayed there! I won't lie that I pinched myself just a little bit to see all of these dreams realized.

Here's a peek at some of the booths that I was incredibly excited to see! These are stationery companies and designers that I have long admired. 

Doesn't Kelly Hughes booth look amazing? We love the paper flowers! 

Some more booths that I loved....

I am really (really....) obsessed with Knot & Bow and especially their confetti must check out if you have not seen.

And then there's this guy...In late 2013 when this one took over the company, no one was really sure what to expect. He's super private, avoids the camera like the plague, and I am pretty sure he asked me never to post pictures of him and if he sees, I am probably in trouble for this.  (Since he doesn't have time to read this blog, my job is hopefully safe!) 

I can tell you that the entire PSA Essentials team is grateful for this leader and the direction we are all headed.  He is the one that is able to execute all the crazy ideas, make them a reality, and is bringing the company to a place where we are all happy to be. For that, we are grateful,  The show showed me once again the value of the people on your team.   For all those that were with us at the show -- and then those who are supporting all the post-show efforts -- we cannot thank you enough.  Should I develop a hash tag, #teampsa? I'm doing it!  Thank you Lesley, Julie, Melissa, Jess, Adriane, and the one above that shall not be named, plus everyone else that's on the team at PSA.  

What a great National Stationery Show! Until next year, New York! See you at #nss2016.  Am I the first in that folder???! :)

RETAILERS: Please check emails Tuesday for updated show materials and information. Thank you!