Friday, January 30, 2015

Peel & Stick Stamps

It's not a secret that there are a lot of personalized stamps on the market. Since PSA Essentials started in 2002, there have been plenty of other stamp manufacturers out there and lots of talented designers getting their stamps made through different manufacturers.  So we frequently get asked -- what makes PSA Essentials different? Why choose PSA?

Though there are many things that set us apart from other stamps on the market (such as our great customer service, quality stampers imported from Austria and made-in-the-USA personalized stamp dies, crisp and clean stamp impressions up to 10,000 times...) the biggest difference is our technology.  It's patented and we call it Peel & Stick.  Even retailers and customers who have known PSA Essentials for years sometimes are surprised to learn about this technology.

Usually self-inking stamp designs are glued directly on the stamper. Whatever style you choose, whatever address you have -- you are stuck with it because it's permanently affixed to your stamper.  But with PSA stamps -- they are interchangeable.  We have hundreds of Peel & Stick Packs to interchange your stamp, or you can order a "die only" personalized address.

Lesley in our art department came up with this graphic to help illustrate the point. Instead of keeping the same stamp on your stamper all the time, you change change up your middle for your occasion. Sending a birth announcement? Use the "carriage" from Carriage Peel & Stick pack.  Sending an Easter card? Use the Easter Egg from PSA Topiary Peel & Stick pack.  We have dozens and dozens of packs - there's one for every occasion, holiday or season. 

Peel & Stick stamps aren't complicated, they're easy to use.  The stamps don't permanently loose their stickiness either. (If they aren't sticky, just wash them in warm soapy water -- never use rubbing alcohol or cleaners -- and then dry them off.  They really bounce right back and become sticky again!  Read this blog post if this is still unclear!) 

We did a video years ago on Peel & Stick stamps. If you haven't watched before, watch it now! 

Retailers should check their emails on Sunday for special offers on Peel & Stick packs. If you are a customer and want to start shopping Peel & Stick stamps, head on over to our website to find a retailer near you!  Peel & Stick stamp packs retail for $15 and include 9 inner stamps and one outer ring. 

Already have Peel & Stick stamps? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of them! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

PSA Essentials: It's a Lifestyle!

I've worked for PSA Essentials for almost six years now and can honestly say, these personalized address stamps and Peel & Stick packs have become more to me than just a job.  I use them all the time and they've become part of my lifestyle.  For most of our customers like me, PSA Essentials products are more than tools to use for your home, office or craft room.  Our personalized stamps grace the envelopes of birth announcements, holiday cards, invitations to special events, engagement parties, showers, wedding invitations, sympathy cards, birthday cards, thank you notes and packages in the good old fashioned mail. Our Peel & Stick packs go on special occasion handmade cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, and DIY projects. You see then that PSA Essentials products are much more than stamps.  They're part of a lifestyle.  

We are excited to unveil some lifestyle photography taken by our talented friends, Jade + Matthew Take Pictures.  From everyday correspondence and letters: 

To special occasion cards and notes: 

When it comes to wedding correspondence, PSA Essentials makes it easy to address your response cards, your outer envelopes, and everything that needs an address!  (Also think of engagement parties, shower invitations, bachelorette party invites, thank you notes, and the wedding day invitation itself.)

Using our Peel & Stick packs, you can interchange the stamper to create your own stationery for wedding, too. Jade + Matthew got these great shots. 

Of course, you know I love PSA Essentials Peel & Stick for crafting -- especially card making. Our friend Dayle Thomas took this one that I love. (Cards are by the uber talented Carly Robertson, who's work I can never get enough of!) 

Our line of "from the kitchen of" stamps are really fun for stamping recipe cards, potluck dishes, casseroles, and baked goods. Dayle Thomas also took this one.  (The scones were delicious!) 

We also had some lifestyle photography shot of our new product addition: our gift box stamps. In case you aren't familiar: we launched our Personalized Stamp Gift Boxes last year and they truly are a great gift. If you don't know what stamp design style your recipient wants, you don't know the address they want or need, or you just need a quick gift and can't wait for personalization --- pick one of these babies up! 

Inside your stamp gift box you will find a stamper loaded with ink, 1 alignment tool, a voucher code. Your gift recipient goes online and uses the voucher code to redeem the personalized stamp die.  The personalized stamp die ships for free within 5 business days.  Easy! 

Be sure to let us know what you think! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day Party Invitations

I'm really excited to host a Valentine's Day Party with Molly and Connor's little friends this year! Last year was a huge success at our house with two dozen adorable little kids running around in one big after school play date. Can't wait for this year!  We are working on crafts and decorations over the next few weeks.

I ordered invitations from my favorite independent stationer, Swanky Press. I went with matching envelope liners because -- why not -- they're adorable! Dressing up your envelopes is so much fun. I used my PSA Essentials Personalized Address Stamp and "Xoxo" switchable middle stamp from PSA Love Birds. (Note: these were really not my first choice of postage stamps... Bluffton post office's offering was limited! What happened to "LOVE" stamps? Apparently not in stock...American flags and fireworks it was!)

Here's how the invitation turned out.

 I'll be sharing lots more party prep and cute kiddo pictures after the party, too!  Sure am looking forward to this one. Shop adorable Party Invitations by Swanky Press here! Shop PSA Essentials at Swanky Press by visiting here!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Stamp Designs!

Posts like this are always fun to write because all the behind the scenes work becomes real.  For the last few weeks, we've been working on new stamp designs. Inspired by trends in the stationery industry industry, by beautiful wedding invitations, and handscripted calligraphy that is so popular these days, these new stamp designs are soft, elegant and are a whole new take. Customers have more choices and we think they'll love them!  Introducing 10 new stamps by PSA Essentials. Drum roll, please...

I had some fun taking photos of my favorite new stamps along with some of my favorite Valentine's. I loved the chalkboard "You+Me=Awesome" card (but later wished it said, "it's the perfect equation" or something less self-deprecating than "that's as far as my math abilities go." But I digress...)  I also love the puzzle piece card and the adorable bird sending a letter.  (These cards are by Papyrus and available at Target.)  

Retailers, check your email today and customers, stand by for a store near you! We can't wait to hear your favorites so let us know what style you would choose by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page

Friday, January 16, 2015

CHA Recap

What a week! We started Sunday at the Craft and Hobby Association's Annual MEGA Show in Anaheim, California and I ended in Dallas for Dallas Market Center's Gift Show. (And in between, I was in South Carolina at home in the office and with my babies!) A whirlwind but incredibly exciting for PSA Essentials. We just have so many things in the works for our customers. 

At CHA 2015, we launched our new line of PSA Essentials Personalized Stamps and Switchable Middles by Teresa Collins. The response was fantastic! People just love Teresa's personality and it seems that anything she touches, she makes her mark on it and puts her enthusiasm into that product wholeheartedly. She genuinely loves PSA Essentials and the product she has designed and so do we!  These products will be available to our retailers mid-February and customers shortly after. So stay tuned. 

We planned a "Bubbly and Bites" party on Monday and served up cupcakes and fizzy soda! Attendees enjoyed the cupcakes and the cupcake toppers that I designed using the Switchable Middle stamps by Teresa Collins! (Easy to make: stamp on card stock using your PSA Essentials Switchable Middle Stamp and stamp body, punch out with a 1" punch, adhere to 1.5" scallop punched glitter card stock. Use glue gun to adhere to lolipop sticks. Voila!) 

We just SO enjoyed being part of Teresa's show and thank not only Teresa, but Bridget, Mike, Teresa's daughters, son, and son-in-law.  (Note: Devon win's the award for most enthusiastic about our product but what really sold him was our inks!!) We are excited to be a small part of the Teresa Collins family company-- it's filled with great energy and I really look forward to a long relationship ahead. 

Stay tuned for more!  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Cards

Eeeeek! Today is January 14. That means Valentine's Day is a month away! For all those that complained about the Valentine's Day decorations coming out the day after Christmas, I say this: EMBRACE IT! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, not for sentimental reasons and a desire to receive chocolate, roses and cards from my husband (which doesn't happen anyway), but because I love all the crafty goodness that comes with this holiday.

Over the the next few weeks, I'll be preparing for my 2nd annual Valentine's Day play date party with Molly. Connor, and their friends.  You can peek at last years affair here. It was a blast!  There are sure to be plenty of PSA Essentials stamps present this year again. But for today, I am sharing 3 Valentine's Day cards by our design team member, Jamie Green.

All of these cards use our Peel & Stick stamps.  You can find our line of Peel & Stick stamps for sale here.

Which is your favorite card? The countdown is ON for Valentine's Day! Let the fun begin.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Teresa Collins and The CHA MEGA Show

I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa Collins (owner of the namesake crafting mega brand) when I was on HSN with PSA Essentials back in 2011. It was only in passing while getting our hair and makeup done in the studio, but I remember she was so sweet and friendly. More than a sweet and friendly personality, I was enamored by this very accomplished, powerhouse designer and business woman.  Teresa has a passion for creating scrapbooking, journaling and other papercraft products all inspired by her interior design background. She's a regular on TV, her work has been published in all the major craft magazines, and she has written two books (and working on the third.)  She has partnerships with Fiskars, Canon, We R Memory Keepers, Xyron, Craftwell & more.  Her products are sold in JoAnn's, HSN, and hundreds of independent stores across the US and worldwide.  Powerhouse, I tell you!

We connected again at The National Stationery Show in New York back in May.

At the show, Teresa was launching her Studio Collection, which is a line of super cute note cards and other stationery products. We love all the gold! 

Since the show, we have been working together on a line of Personalized Stamps and Switchable Middles. It's been so much fun! We are so excited to be unveiling them in her booth at the Craft & Hobby Associations Mega Show in Anaheim, California. Are you attending the show?  Come and see us at our Bubbles & Bites Party!  We are serving up champagne and non-alcoholic bubbly, cupcakes, and treats and kicking this partnership off right. 

While there are so many things I am excited about with this partnership, one of my favorite things is that we will be featuring her personalized stamp designs on a WHITE stamper with GOLD printing. Isn't it gorgeous? 

Because Teresa is so crafty, she had some great ideas for Switchable Middle packs, so we are launching Switchable Middles in packs of 4 specifically designed by Teresa. Here's a sneak peek of one of them! There are 4 others that we just love but you'll have to wait to see them at the show or next week! 

These products will be made available to retailers starting at the CHA Show. If you are a retailer of PSA Essentials or Teresa Collins and not attending the show, we will follow up soon about how to add the line. 
These products will be available to customers sometime in February! So stay tuned for more. 

Join me in my excitement and post your comments below!