Libby O

As I prepared to take on a new last name in 2008, I started trying to make "Libby O" happen.  I thought Libby O sounded a whole lot like the style icon and first lady, Jackie O.   I’m still trying to make it happen. 

I’m a graduate of the University of Michigan, with a BA in Communications and a B.F.A. in Printmaking, Fine Arts.   Though don’t print or paint much anymore, I love crafting, photobooking, and all things great in design. 

This blog is written by me and showcases all the amazing things you can do with your PSA Essentials personalized stamps and Peel & Stick stamps. Sometimes the posts are about my life, mostly they are about stamps. 
Send me an email to say hello!   libbyoregan (at) gmail (dot) com