Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Design Team Announcements!

I am excited to announce more members of this talented design team today!  Look around the web for this exciting bage:  "PSA Stamp Camp Design Team."
All of these designers submitted fabulous October projects using PSA Peel & Stick stamps .  You will see them all here this month.    
The designers were all asked: "What's your favorite something?" and their responses are below as part of their introduction.  Be sure to check out these ladies blogs! 

Amber Zimmerman:  I have a print from "Slidesideways" on etsy that says, "Let the sun shine in".  It is my favorite and hanging in my craft area because it is cheerful and a like a bit of sunshine streaming in my room all of the time (especially on those gray Indiana winter days).   Blog:

Melissa Phillips:  Loves all things design and craft, especially paper crafts like card making.   Blog: 

Julia Aston:  My favorite craft is to make or embellish boxes and containers.  A creative package makes even the smallest of gifts extra special.

Jennifer Holmes:  My favorite thing to do while I craft is to drink coffee and listen to music!  Coffee is something I love almost as much as stamps and the music helps put me into the appropriate crafting mood (I've been listening to Christmas music since July!).  Blog: 

Jennifer Witmer:   My favorite something is a portrait of my grandmother, Katherine done by her father, Will Howe Foote.  I'm fifth generation artist in my family and this is my every day inspiration to do what I love.   Jen's not in the blog world yet. 

Anthonette Chavez:  I love my iPhone! It's the handiest gadget ever in the Steve Jobs universe with email, texting, Twitter, internet, pictures, video, music, GPS, games, my shopping list, and it just happens to be a phone too.   Blog: 

Stephanie Jones:  I love being the 'crafty mom' around here - and often having a kitchen full of 6 year old girls wanting to get painty/inky/glittery!!!  Blog:

A few more annoucements early next week!  Stay tuned.


  1. What an absolutely AMAZING team so far. HOLY CANNOLI!!!!!

    Congratulations everyone.
    Special YEEHAW to Stephanie

  2. Looking forward to seeing all your Dt work! :)

  3. I'm very excited to be on a team with such talented ladies! Can't wait!

  4. Congratulations to the team members