Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Prep

We're busy at our household prepping for Halloween!  Molly is going to be Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, a gorgeous handmade costume by my friend Susan. (Susan's made her other 3 costumes too!) And Connor is going to be Max from Where the Wild Things Are!  Very fitting.   The Bradfords and Eccles families are coming over for soup and then some trick or treating.  This season is so much fun when you have kids.

Before the decorating and crafting, we took our annual trip to the Holiday Farms Pumpkin Patch.

After we got home from The Pumpkin Patch, we spent an afternoon painting a few pumpkins in gold glitter... This turned out to be exceptionally messy with a kid like Connor around!

Then we created a pumpkin garland for the windows.  First we cut out several pumpkins on yellow and orange cardstock.  Then decorated them with stickers, markers, paint, anything, really.

Up next, we added some stamp decorations from PSA Haunted Shack (available here where Peel & Stick packs are on sale for $13.50 each for 9 stamps plus 1 outer ring!)   I love the pumpkin and the haunted shack, they were a great addition to our pumpkins!

When they were all done, punched holes in them and threaded them up with twine from The Twinery, 
available here.   This project was a fun activity for Molly and I.

Happy almost Halloween!


  1. Oh they are soooo cute looks like the family had fun xx

  2. adorable pictures and super fun projects!!!

  3. So cute! I so miss these pumpkin days with the kids!! Teenagers just don't understand!!!!