Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day Party Invitations

I'm really excited to host a Valentine's Day Party with Molly and Connor's little friends this year! Last year was a huge success at our house with two dozen adorable little kids running around in one big after school play date. Can't wait for this year!  We are working on crafts and decorations over the next few weeks.

I ordered invitations from my favorite independent stationer, Swanky Press. I went with matching envelope liners because -- why not -- they're adorable! Dressing up your envelopes is so much fun. I used my PSA Essentials Personalized Address Stamp and "Xoxo" switchable middle stamp from PSA Love Birds. (Note: these were really not my first choice of postage stamps... Bluffton post office's offering was limited! What happened to "LOVE" stamps? Apparently not in stock...American flags and fireworks it was!)

Here's how the invitation turned out.

 I'll be sharing lots more party prep and cute kiddo pictures after the party, too!  Sure am looking forward to this one. Shop adorable Party Invitations by Swanky Press here! Shop PSA Essentials at Swanky Press by visiting here!

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