Thursday, March 12, 2015

Easter Greeting Cards

With my love of celebrating holidays and my passion for stationery, I am one of those that stocks up cards for just about every occasion.  Easter is no exception. Papyrus' line sold at Target really caught my eye this season and I loaded up. Their cards are so, so beautiful! Small works of paper art, I think they really are something special to send in the mail.

I paired some of my favorite Papyrus Easter greetings with our PSA Essentials stamps and switchable middles.  After all, if you are going to send a super cute card, why not make your envelope super cute, too?

Our PSA Topiary Peel & Stick pack has the most adorable easter egg and sentiment, "Happy Easter." We use them all the time during this season.  From the Cupcake Peel & Stick pack, there's a cute stamp with teacups which also reminds me of spring.  Endless options with all of our adorable switchables. Check out these beautiful cards and envelopes!

Which is your favorite stamp and what's your favorite card? Be sure to check out all of Papyrus' Easter Cards at a Papyrus store near you or at Target.  Love them!  Also be sure to shop PSA Essentials self-inking address stamps and our switchable middles hop here.  Hop on those Easter greetings! 

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