Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Goodies

Do you eat as much as I do during the holidays? It's hard not to when you are surrounded by chocolates, fruit cakes, candy canes, baked goods, pies, and more. While some estimates say the average person gains between 7 and 10 pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas, a 2007 study revealed that the average person actually only gains 1 pound! (Turns out the average person doesn't lose it but no one needs to know that!) So toss aside any weight gain fears, INDULGE in some goodies and do some crafts…. that burns calories, right?

One of our designers, Mara Campbell loves to bake. Her blog is always full of ideas that she's made up. Recently she posted a recipe for apple cinnamon rolls that I am dying to try…. Check it out at http://loveyourmotherearth.blogspot.com/2010/11/apple-cinnamon-rolls.html. For us she made holiday treat bags. If you were having a party and wanted to send your guests home with a few baked goods, send them home with these.

Christina Padilla also had sweets on the brain. She decorated this jar full of peppermints using PSA Whimsy Tree stamps. I'd love to leave this out for guests – or even just to jazz up what Mike, Molly and I are snacking on from home.

Okay, so this falls off topic of goodies to eat, but did you notice the great candle that Christina created here? I love when designers do this! Take a simple candle and spice it up with your own flair. Christina stamped Merry Christmas from PSA North Pole, layered with punches and pretty papers, and embellished with glitter, ribbons and garland.

Hope you are having a "sweet" holiday season!

Supply Spotlight:
  1. Treat bags:  Stamps:  PSA Treeo-O (PSA Essentials),  Paper:  Cardstock in Red and White (Michael's), Cloths pins, brown paper bags
  2. Candy & Candles:   PSA North Pole (PSA Essentilas), Paper:  Cardstock in White (Michael's), 3M Adhesive, Spellbinders dies, ribbon. 


  1. When you say Michael's for the paper, is it their brand, or is it just paper found at Michael's ?

  2. Hey Liz - I can find out specifically from the designer. Which paper are you interested in? Usually it means the manufacturer when we list supplies (not where to find it.)

  3. Hi Liz!! The solid paper cardstock packs at Michael's that I used are made by The Paper Company. I don't know what project you were interested in, but thought I would pass that info along. :-)