Thursday, December 16, 2010

Introducing Product Reviews: Thursday's at PSA Stamp Camp

Crafting tools and products can be overwhelming because there are so many on the market and all they seem to do different things.  It’s no surprise that the craft industry is a 30 billion dollar a year industry – just look at one aisle at Michael’s:  it’s besieged with merchandise!  In my opinion, all tools & products fall under one of three categories:  essential, desirable, or extras.  Essential you need, desirable you want, and extras are extra!

All crafters have their essentials.   They are the ones that you need to make just about anything:  a good pair of scissors, a sharp blade, a sturdy cutting mat, and a dependable adhesive.   The circle punch (1”, 2”, and 3”),  a couple sized square punches and at least one scallop punch are essential because they instantly upgrade and make a project more professional.  I also find that a scoring tool and a set of excellent markers are a must for your crafts. 
Tools that fall under the desirable category are great to purchase if you have the money.   For example, the Crop-a-Dille III falls under this category.    The Crop-A-Dille III allows you to punch and place eyelets, snaps, grommets, and other metal embellishments anywhere on your scrapbook page or craft project.  It can “bite” through paper, leather, fabric, plastic (such as CD's), thin tin, and chipboard and reaches across a 12x12 scrapbook page.   Not essential, but really cool!
Extra tools are great to have around and they may come in handy one day, but they are extra!

I’d like to introduce you to Thursday’s at PSA Stamp.   Every week I will review a craft tool or product and decide for myself:   is it essential, desirable, or extra?  Every product reviewed will ultimately fall under one of the three categories.    We’d like to hear from you in the comments section – do you have the product, do you agree with my classification?  If you have any suggestions for products to review, be sure to send me an email at
Let’s sort through the cluttered craft stores aisles together every Thursday, right here at PSA Stamp Camp. 

Today - be sure to head over to Atlanta Scrapbook Examiner and Angela's article on PSA Essentials.


  1. I think your classification is right on. I love using mine but it not essential to my scrapbook. I love using it to punch holes in my chipboard.

  2. I have the Cropadile I and II, and really haven't used them yet, but have decided that they will work (for now) instead of investing the money in a binding system. I got both of them AND their cases with either a 50% off coupon, or on clearance at WalMart.

    Also read the article in the Atlanta Scrapbook Examiner - she was right on in her review. Been fllowing you for awhile now, and need to get over to the StampCamp today.Only 20 more days until I can get my hands on some of my own !