Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Father’s Day Preview

Over the next few days, I am sharing ideas for Father's Day. Our designers have created beautiful and intricate cards, but I need to tell the truth. I didn't craft Father's Day cards by stamping – I used one of my favorite sites - Kodak Gallery to create some really precious cards! The first card is from me, to my husband Mike.

This is to my Father, from me and Mike.

This is to my grandfather Carter, who turned 85 this year! He is Molly's great grandfather. Don't you just love him playing on the floor with her? There he is on the floor in Cabo this past Thanksgiving. I adore him.

This one is to my father-in-law. He loves head-butting with Molly – it's really funny!

I created this next one for my father from Molly….

And I created this one for Mike from Molly. Inside, it talks about how much Molly loves it when he reads to her. He's such a good Dad!

How are you celebrating Father's Day?


  1. What beautiful pictures and memories to be cherished and a great family, you're very lucky!

  2. What great pictures and what nice ways to share them with your family. They will adore them.

    mpetrovich23 at Yahoo dot com

  3. Oh everyone is going to cherish those!

  4. Love these!!!! So cute and creative.

  5. I love her sweet little face! Thanks for sharing the great ideas and inspiration!