Sunday, September 4, 2011

Molly’s 2nd Birthday Party – Take 1

I wasn't sure at 2 years old Molly would understand a birthday party. After last Sunday, there was no question she understood every moment of it. While all 25 adults and 13 children sang to her, she twirled around beaming. Her eyes and face clearly read "this is all for me! How exciting!" It was classic. We hired my mom's good friend Dayle Thomas (Photography by Dayle) to capture all the moments! 
The party was held at the Port Royal Golf Clubhouse on Hilton Head and I needed to jazz it up with some decorations. The theme of the party was an ice cream social so I had a PSA Essentials custom stamp made with "Molly's 2nd Birthday Party" on the outer ring and an ice cream cone on the inner. I switched out the ice cream cone for the PSA Vanilla Peel & Stick number "2" frequently. With these stamps, I created CD covers for party favors, several pennant flag banners, cookie toppers, napkin ring seals and DIY party hats. I did all of this over the last 2 months…. It seems like a lot of work but I spread it out! 

Last fall we enrolled in a music class which Molly thrived in and enjoyed so much. I asked if her teacher Beth Green (a.k.a. "The Music Lady") could come entertain. Entertain she did! She sang songs, brought out toys, let the kids play the drums and guitar, and blew bubbles and gave out hand stamps. She's incredibly exuberant and the kids love her.

After The Music Lady entertained the kiddos, I dressed them up in party hats which I made myself. I followed a tutorial by Jordan Ferney on Oh Happy Day. Once I had my template made, I stamped just a few of them using the ice cream cone and dressed them all up with tissue paper, pom-poms, ribbon and embellishments. 

After party hats were on, it was time to sing. Molly was so happy! 
When we had finished singing to Molly, it was time to enjoy the ice cream buffet. We had chocolate and vanilla ice cream and an entire bar of toppings... I fully admit it was a bit absurd. 
The sugar kicked in and the kids went wild. An impromptu game of ring around the rosy started. Molly was in heaven!

Dayle did such a great job of taking pictures, didn't she? Her work is fabulous. Check out these portraits she did of the kids. The first are my god children Ella and Owsley. 
She captured each of the children so well…
Right 4 mom's are my original group of playdate friends. Our kids are 6 weeks apart! 
Mike and I are so proud of Molly and the party was a great way to celebrate not only her, but our wonderful friends and family who love her too. 

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  1. Everything looks beautiful, and looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Happy birthday Molly! :)

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all! Happy Happy Birthday girl Molly!

  3. Who's party!! you all look like your having a brilliant time:) Sandra H

  4. Wow That is a Party!!! E Hauoli Lahanau!! Happy 2nd little one!! This is the year that you will learn, grow, and explore!!!

  5. Wow this is fantastic and you did such a great job on all the decorations and what a party. BTW fantastic pictures, great photography..and what's most important is that Molly had a great time.

  6. Looks like fun was had by all!!!
    Cute decor!