Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Gifts

Today's topic: Baby gifts. Do you buy from the registry or go off registry?

I actually do both with close friends. Before the baby is born, I always stick to the registry for the mom's sake. After all, parents legitimately need a stroller, a pack & play, car seat and high chair and the purpose of the shower is to help the families out by getting them what they need. When the baby arrives, I like to give a little something sentimental. Something monogrammed works great. Here's a picture frame idea by Kelley Eubanks. She's stamped the baby's monogram on the bottom of the frame using PSA Essentials black ink and her PSA Archive Peel & Stick stamps. The turquoise on the painted frame and the black and white ribbon are such a great contrast. She's used a really heavy weight ribbon and sturdy frame - this is a lasting gift.

When there's no time to make something or get a gift monogrammed , there's always flowers. Gorgeous ones like these suit me more than just fine.

 Image sources unknown, pulled from Pinterest. 

Tell me your thoughts today – buy on registry or off? 


  1. so so the color combo..

  2. I take the same route you do, registry and then from the heart once baby arrives!

  3. I buy off the registry unless it is a family member then I will buy something and make something special.

  4. I would say registry, unless it is someone youre very close to and know what they would like and can make it more personal.

  5. For me it really depends on the person. If I know they'll appreciate a handmade gift, then I make a quilt or afghan. But if handmade isn't their thing (like my daughter) then it's gift registry here I come!