Friday, November 4, 2011

Pretty packaging

Dress up and ordinary box and create an interesting package – it makes the gift really special. Here's an idea by our talented Mae Armstrong. I just love her tutorials! 

Follow this step-by-step to achieve the same look. Here's what you will need: 

  1. PSA Essentials "Rosettas" Peel and Stick Stamp Set
  2. PSA Essentials Stamp Tool
  3. PSA Essentials Stamp Setter
  4. PSA Essentials Black Stamp Pad
  5. 1-3/8 " Circle Puncher
  6. Crochet Yarn
  7. Small Crochet Hook (for easy threading)
  8. 5x7 (A7) Gift Box
  9. Card Stock Paper
Step 1: Stamp a variety of Rosettas on the gray card stock paper. (Mae chose grey to match the gift that she was giving.)

Step 2: Use the 1-3/8" circle punch to cut out the Rosettas. Use the tag puncher and add holes on each side.

Step 3: Use the small crochet hook and thread the yarn through the punched circles. Distribute the flowers while wrapping the yarn over the box. Repeat several times until you reach the desired style/look. After wrapping a few times secure design and tie both ends.

Step 4: Now wrap around the box! 

Enjoy fun and interesting packaging – and save on the wrap!   This was posted to House of Hepworths


  1. I LOVE this! Beautiful gift wrap is always a nice touch.

  2. What a great idea. I just bought 14 rolls of different colors of twine, and need ideas. THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Hi wow this is a great way to wrap a gift:) Sandra H