Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Art Themed Birthday Party

Over the last year, my daughter Molly has done a lot of art projects.  She genuinely shows an interest for coloring, painting, crafting and art.  Maybe it’s driven by me, but I do think she’s naturally very artistic.    So when it came time to plan her 3rd birthday party, I chose an art themed party.   She loves art!

The party was held at Artist Uncorked in Bluffton, SC on Saturday.   I spent hours crafting party hats, cupcake toppers, construction paper rings, creating favors for Molly’s guests using my PSA Essentials stamps.   The space turned out great and most importantly, the kids had a blast.  Here’s a look at some of the crafts that went into the party. 

The studio was decorated with balloons on each painting station, and each guest had a star with their name on it marking their seat.  The party room was rather frat house-like, so my friend and former Design Team member Susan DeLano and I transformed it as best we could.  She sewed together streamers and hung them to form a tent.   I made construction paper rings to brighten things up.

I used my PSA Essentials stamper and the number “3” to create party hats.  I’ll do a tutorial on these party hats tomorrow, they were very involved and I spent hours on them.  They’re not for the faint crafter but I really enjoyed doing them!

I had a custom stamp made by PSA Essentials that said:  “Molly’s 3rd Birthday Party” and I featured this on a few of the hats. 

I am not a baker so I got a cake from Ronnie’s Bakery inspired by an idea from Pinterest.   I also had her make chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting which were delicious.  I mean, seriously delicious.   I finished the cupcakes off with homemade cupcake toppers using the same custom stamp.  I stamped on construction paper, punched out with my 1.5” inch circle punch, then framed them against different colored construction paper punched out using my 1.75” inch circle punch.  I like punches by Marvey.

Quickly and easily I made candy favors for our guests.  I filled cellophane bags with candy (rainbow themed of course!) and then added a sticker stamped with “Molly’s 3rd Birthday Party.”  I used four different PSA Essentials inks for this: holiday red, royal blue, hunter green, and poppy orange.  (See all of our 22 inks here: http://psaessentials.com/inkcolors.htm).   I am sure the parents really loved us for sending home a giant bag of sugary candy…

I added one more party favor since it was an art themed party, I thought the guests might like personalized art aprons.  They turned out great! These personalized aprons can be found here:  http://www.littlemissmonogramshop.com/index.php?p=products&id=13&req=dept&offset=2.   Mae Armstrong created this custom stamp for me: “Thank you for coming to my party.”   If you are a graphic artist and want to create custom designs like these, you can!  Just check out our requirements here on how we need artwork.  I love this retro design!

The kids all sat down to paint and were lead by an artist Miss Jen.   It was amazing to see kids follow (or not follow) her paint the fish.

I wanted Molly to do hers completely on her own and not touch it at all so hers turned out like this!  I like it better than a fish anyway.  Such great modern art!

The birthday girl had a great time with her friends and the party was truly a lot of fun. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Molly!


  1. It looks like a fun party Libby:) Great job on the decorating!

  2. Amazing as always! Fantastic theme and clever ways to use the PSA stamps. Still sad about missing it :(

  3. Kids only learn with art and visual things, so your art birthday party theme is very helpful for kids learning.
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  4. Super fun party ~ Looks like the Art Theme was a big hit!