Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Banner

This Saturday is the first official day of fall.  Welcome Fall!  Cooler weather, falling leaves, football season, school in session, shorter days, and the holidays approaching – all things that I love about fall.   Second to Spring, it’s my favorite season.    There’s a lot of fun decorating you can do for this season, the colors are warm and inviting and a little bit of decorating can make nesting season fun.    Here’s a great idea by Ashley at Cherished Bliss, it’s a banner that can be hung on your mantel above your fireplace, from a window, a doorway, or just about anywhere!

Ashley has used the PSA Essentials Archive Peel & Stick collection to spell “Fall.”    She’s stamped with her PSA Stamper using black ink on canvas.   Turned out great!  Do you want to make this? Here’s a quick tutorial.   You will need:

·         Scrap piece of canvas material
·         Baker's twine
·         Cheesecloth
·         Yarn
·         PSA Essentials Archive Peel & Stick stamps

And the following tools:

·         Hot glue gun
·         Scissors
·         Orange fabric dye (optional)
·         PSA Stamper with black ink

Cut out the canvas pennants and stamp the letters "FALL".   Then glue baker's twine on the corners of each pennant.   

Ashley took a dyed cheesecloth and cut a strip a little shorter than the banner so it would drape.  Then cut two pieces of yarn and tie it all together on the ends. 

A quick and relatively easy project, this just may be the thing you need to welcome fall in your household!

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