Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Harvest Banner

I love a project that satisfies the following three criteria:

  1. Something that's recycled. (It's nice to be good to the earth.)  
  2. Something you can do with your kids.  (The more hours their occupied -- the better, right?)  
  3. Something that also looks great.   (Who needs a junked up craft?) 

Mae Armstrong's seasonal project captures all three things today! It's a Harvest Banner.   Mae's hung it from her fireplace mantel and it looks fabulous.

Mae's little boys painted to-go boxes with orange acrylic paint from their deli right by their house.  It was a perfect rainy day activity!  First, cut the box in half and trim the sharp edges before painting.

They used sponge for painting so it was quick and easy to do.  (I'm sorry to distract, but aren't they the cutest?) 

Dry for a few hours before decorating.

When dry,  hot glue some feathers.  Best to let Mom do this one.

Mae then added a decorative circle label. Next she stamped a wooden disc each to spell Harvest and glued it on the circle tag.   To spell it, Mae used PSA Essentials Archive  Peel and Stick stamp set.  Punch holes to attach decorated boxes onto a natural string.

Didn't this turn out festive?  

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