Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keep it up at school!

It’s October.   The “newness” of school has faded a bit, there haven’t been holidays or days off, and kids are starting to feel a slump.   Sound familiar?  We’re experiencing a bit of this with our daughter Molly and I have heard lots of my friends voice the same concern.   How do we lift them up and keep things exciting?  How about some beautifully designed paper crafts – a card and a bag – to show them we care and get them motivated.   Regina Mangum created both of these beautiful ideas to share. 

For the card, Regina used a “Student’s Report Card” found online.   She stamped the “A+” and the “Bravo” from PSA Super Star Peel & Stick pack.   She stuck with a simple color palate of red, white and black – which I think works perfectly for this card!

The stamps really make the card, don’t you think?

The encouraging “Keep it Up” stamp is also from PSA Super Star Peel & Stick pack.  She stamped with her PSA Essentials stamper loaded with orange and pink 2-color ink.   Check out the detail in her work – she’s scalloped the edges of her pink paper with a star punch, and used two layers of cardstock in a fringed punch.    She’s added some bakers twine to the design to add texture and interest.  

A lot of love and care went into these designs.    She’s embossed the bag itself with a star design.   How fantastic!

I love these!  Don't you?  It may be just the thing you need to add a little spark to your little ones school day! 

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