Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY Holiday Gift Idea: I-Spy Travel Game

Traveling with the little ones during the Holidays can be crazy.   Today's gift idea is for a friend of yours with kids, someone that you know will be traveling and will need a distraction for their wee-ones.  It come to us from Mae Armstrong and I happen to think it's genius!   It's an I-Spy Travel Game!

I Spy Travel Game2

Mae's twin boys are into spy books and enjoy finding different cartoon characters on each page. So she thought to create a simple and portable new toy without spending too much money. An I-Spy Travel game! 

Mae started by saving two mini water bottles. Let them dry over night to get the moisture out.  She selected fun Christmas themed buttons and silver bells from the craft store.  You can use anything here that the gift recipient is into.  

I Spy Travel Game 

Use a plastic funnel to help pour the rice inside the water bottle.

I Spy Travel Game_4

Pour half a cup of rice inside the bottle, fill with buttons and bells and cover with the remaining rice. Seal top with glue. (Mae sealed it with glue because she doesn't want her little boys to open the top and empty the bottle of rice. Can you imagine THAT all over an airplane or the back seat of your car?  Yes, let's everyone seal with glue!) 

I Spy Travel Game_42

To make this a gift, Mae created a simple gift tag using her new sentiments Peel & Stick collection.  She selected "oh happy day" stamp and stamped it on a gift tag.  Write the name of the recipient on the other side of the tag. 

 I Spy Travel Game_43

How awesome is this? I sure wish I had it for my daughter on the plane on our last vacation!  What a great DIY gift for kids (and certainly a gift for the parents, too!) 

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