Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paper Strawberries for Valentine's Day

Paper Strawberries - School gift7

Mae Armstrong made these adorable paper strawberries for Valentine's Day and thought they'd be great as a school gift.   Students in Molly's school (and Molly!) would love these at their Valentine's Day party!

She started by cutting the paper patterns using her Silhouette machine.  She selected different patterns and shades of pink for he body of the strawberry and picked a green polka dot paper for the leaves.   She used twine and the "Be Mine" from PSA Essentials Happy Holiday Peel & Stick pack.  

Paper Strawberries - School gift 

Fold all along the lines and secure with double sided tape. Thread twin through the holes.

Paper Strawberries - School gift2

Insert your wrapped candy inside the strawberry and pull twine. Tie a knot and secure.

Paper Strawberries - School gift3

Paper Strawberry

Add the leaves, tie and add the stamped tag.

  Paper Strawberries - School gift4

Tie into a bow and secure the tag.

Paper Strawberries - School gift5 

That's it simple and really cute! 

Paper Strawberries - School gift6

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