Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kids Journals on a budget

It would be considered an "overshare" to go into specifics, but I am on a new (and tighter!) budget these days.  Many people are in my boat.   They're trying to be much better with their money now -- carefully saving and watching how they spend every dollar.   But even though I have to save and be more careful about spending, that doesn't mean I can't live my life - I just have to be more creative about how I do it.  I love crafting and DIY projects so now I just have to find thriftier ways to satisfy my hobby.

Here's a fantastic idea by Jessica Hill at Mad In Crafts.   She's created kids journals made from recycled cereal boxes.   These are a fantastic party favor, birthday party gift, or something for your kids.  Jessica has  stamped using PSA Vanilla and PSA Rocket Peel & Stick stamps, by PSA Essentials in this fun project.

Journals for Kids Made from Cereal Boxes

Head on over to Jessica's complete tutorial and see more about this project.   It's extremely impressive to see how she did it!

bound journals from recycled cardboard

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  1. LOVE this!!! I am trying to gather a collection of things to do this summer with my kids. I'm also trying to adhere to a budget so I cut pricey day camps out of our summer plans -- making these will be a wonderful day craft -- and maybe we can even use them for my son to write about our budget friendly adventures!! Woop woop! Thanks for the post!