Thursday, April 4, 2013

PSA Essentials Note Cards 50% off

Did you know that PSA in PSA Essentials stands for PAPER, STAMPS and ACCESSORIES?  So in addition to stamps, we also make paper products (and accessories!)  Today I am talking about our note cards, which were designed specifically to use along with your PSA personalized stamp.  Actually even if you a stamp made by a different company, you could use our stampable stationery.   Did I mention the best part about this?  All boxes of 10 note cards and envelopes are now 50% off! 

Just take your personalized stamp and stamp on the circle or square part of the note cards to create instant personalized stationery.    The stamps are not just for addressing anymore! 

See all of our note card designs here: and visit our participating retailers to stock up big.  It makes a great addition to your a gift. 

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