Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Tea Party

My nearly 4 year old daughter Molly has been talking about having a tea party with her friends for months.  Where she got the idea to host a tea party I can only guess (Nick Jr.'s Max & Ruby comes to mind...) but naturally I am game to throw a party.  We thought to have an all girl party but in reality, Molly's closest circle of friends include several boys.  So this evening we invited the Spencers, Eccles, and Bradford Families.   It will go down as one of my favorite evenings in history.  Some highlights and quotes:

  • You're really going to let them use the china? - Michelle 
  • You said get dressed up.  Alex is in a civil war vest.  That's all we've got!  -Kylie 
  • Haven't you heard the term "BULL IN A CHINA SHOP?"  - Amanda 
  • What pattern of china and where's it from so I know how to replace it?  - Amanda
  • What's that smell?  Oh Alex, honey, you have dog poop all over your leg.  - Me 
  • Is Little Ceasars Hot and Ready pizza ok? They're like $5 each... -Mike 
  • Is that paint that Molly and the kids are using to paint the swing set permanent or washable? - Case 
  • Does it really matter?  They're painting the swing set?!  - Me 

Here's a peek at all of the crafty details Molly and I worked on and some great before and after shots.  The thing about social media and blogging is that I could write this post and show beautiful photos of the tea party, my little crafts and all the flowers, china and crystal.  But let's keep it real.  There were "tea cups" of broccoli mashed with tea bags, pizza all over the floor, paint stained clothes, at least 4 poopy diapers, and a whole lot of crazy fun.  I'll show both.  First the pretty shots.

I used my PSA Essentials Cupcake Peel & Stick stamps and the "tea cups" on several places. 

Tea for them, champagne for us... I created wine charms using my PSA Essentials Love Birds Peel & Stick stamps.  I used my circle punch, cut out and added to tags. I punched with a hole punch and threaded with ribbon. 

The kids got dressed up.  Parker and Molly wore "fancy" dresses.

Tea time!

Her pinky was up.  Seriously.

Hot N' Ready! Little Ceasars time!

And this is where it gets real.  We go from Tiffany's china, ties tied nicely - to shirtless, paint covered and half naked.  In a span of 30 minutes.

Alex representing PSA Essentials with some stamping!

Time to head out, but first a group photo or two or three...

Russ:  "Great party y'all, I'm out!"

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