Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY Menu Board

While recently working on a wedding photo shoot, I was tasked with coming up with a creative way to display the menu for guests.  The theme of the wedding was luxury, luxury, luxury, and a whole lot of gold. I was excited with the way it turned out - I can only show a bit of it since this may appear in a wedding magazine coming up!   I can however, give you the full project tutorial.

For this project you will need:

  1. Over the door hanging mirror, found at Lowe's 
  2. "M" "E" "N" "U" wooden letters (find them in the wood crafts section of Michael's
  3. Krylon Premium Gold spray paint 
  4. Martha Stewart Crafts antique effect medium 
  5. Martha Stewart Crafts gold paint (or any gold paint will do) 
  6. Paint brush 
  7. Martha Stewart Decoupage gloss finish & decoupage decorations (leaves) 
  8. Martha Stewart clear glass paint in gold 
  9. Gold paint pen 
  10. Wood glue 
  11. Painters tape 

Step 1:  Spray paint your wood letters in gold spray paint. Allow to fully dry!

Step 2:   Prepare your over the door mirror - clean thoroughly with glass cleaner

Step 3:  Outline with painters tape before you paint the edges of the mirror! 

Step 4: Prepare your mirror edge paint.  Mix a small amount of gold paint with the antique medium effect.  This medium ensures that you don't just have a one-toned gold paint on the edges of the mirror. 

Step 5:  Glue on the wood letters with wood glue.   Then decoupage the embellishments on.  To decoupage, you will want to paint a small amount of the glue on the glass surface, then paint the glue on the embellishments on top.  Don't overwork!  You will see the brush strokes even when it's dry... 

Step 6: Allow the embellishments and decoupage to dry before writing the menu in with gold pen.  Once finished, paint the glass with the antique glass paint.  This was a step to make the mirror look a bit more vintage.  If you prefer, you can skip this step and the mirror will be bright and shinny! 

Step 7:  Get a little helper to touch up with the antique finish...

And voila... here's a partial shot on location. I can't show it all because it might appear in a wedding magazine...

I have marveled at mom's who plan their menus for the week and post it gloriously for all to see in their kitchen. Tomorrow I'll show you I am taking this luxury menu for a wedding and converting it into something a family can use everyday! 

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