Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Thanksgiving Place Mats

I've been eyeing some personalized Thanksgiving place mats on a few sites lately, but frankly, I just can't buck up to pay for them.  When Heidi Ferguson of Honeybear Lane designed these for us, I was reminded that with a little effort, I could make my own place mats for Thanksgiving. 

For this project by Heidi you will need: 
  1. PSA Essentials Stamper 
  2. Orange ink 
  3. Black ink (comes in your PSA Stamper)
  4. PSA Rosettas Peel & Stick pack 
  5. Craft paper 
  6. Taffeta paper 
  7. A sewing machine 
  8. A black marker to write your message ("give thanks" or "Happy Thanksgiving" - your choice!) 

Start by stamping all around the craft paper.  When it's dry, sew it to the taffeta paper.  Write with your marker your message. Really, it's a very simple project! Heidi added a pocket for silverware here for a rustic and homey touch. 

I love how this looks on the table and how simple it is!  It's also an affordable way to dress up and personalize your table this season.  Don't you love it?  Let us know your thoughts here and don't forget to enter our "what are you thankful for" giveaway

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