Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thankful Tree for Kids

As we prepare for Thanksgiving in our household, Molly and I have been working on some seasonal crafts. By far, this kids activity for Thanksgiving is my favorite because it is interactive, ongoing, and a great teaching moment. It's a Family Thankful Tree!

We created a "thankful tree" by cutting strips of brown cardstock and mounting to the window with tape. We created leaves using green cardstock and scallop edging scissors.  Every day (or more than once a day!) we talk about what we are thankful for, write it down on a leaf, and put it on the tree.  

It's incredibly interesting to see what Molly comes up with.  They are talking about weather and seasons at her preschool now so yesterday she was thankful for "the flowers that grow in the spring and summer." She was also thankful that "we don't have tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods in this land now." 

We are developing a nice collection of things we are thankful for as a family. 

Yesterday, I received some horrible news about a friend from high school passing away very suddenly.  My friends and I are shocked and devastated.  I wrote on a leaf that I am thankful for my friend Kristen who was in my life.  Her friendship made life in high school fun.  She was a wonderful person who will be missed. I am truly thankful for her friendship and being in my life.  

I'd love to hear what you are up to with your kids this Thanksgiving!  Share some happy news and link up your posts, pictures, or give some blog comment love. 

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