Thursday, May 22, 2014

National Stationery Show Recap

PSA Essentials returned to the National Stationery Show after a four year hiatus this week in New York City, and I must say that we returned with a bang! It was such a wonderful opportunity to connect with our loyal retailers and put faces with names.  We made new connections and are exploring new opportunities, and the future of PSA is looking brighter than ever.

A big thank you to Kelly of Kelly Hughes Designs, who spent a few hours in our booth on Sunday. She jumped right into "PSA mode", answering questions about our product and being a perfect ambassador.  So many retailers and attendees know Kelly from being in the industry for many years, and have such tremendous things to say about her.  Spending a few hours with her at the show only confirmed our enthusiasm for her newest line of personalized stamps by PSA Essentials.

Here are a few pictures from Sunday...right before the show started! PSA's President, Kevin, and long-time PSA Graphic Designer, Lesley, are set and ready for everyone to arrive...

The incredible ink wall turned out great. Very straight, thanks to a level and a lot of patience for the two installing it... Tearing it down was fun for me!  Below is our "Switchable Middles" wall illustrating how all PSA Essentials stamps have switchable middles.  Remove your center monogram or name for a cupcake, a Christmas tree, a wedding cake -- there's a middle for every occasion. 

This flyer outlined our "Design Your Own Line" program that we've launched.  If you are a graphic designer that's interested in designing your own line of PSA Stamps, email or me at! 

Tuesday we had Emily McCarthy, who recently designed a new line of stamps for us, do a meet and greet sponsored with tasty drinks from ONLI Beverages. These yummy drinks mixed with champagne were just what we needed on Day 3 of the show.  A huge thank you to ONLI for providing our guests with these drinks!  We SO appreciated them and they were VERY well received.  (Head on over to learn more: 

What an incredible four day show, thank you to everyone who made it possible.  We are looking forward to what's ahead, we know it's big!

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