Thursday, May 1, 2014

Teacher Appreciation

It's hard to believe that in the South, the school year is drawing to a close.  My daughter, Molly, has had an incredible Pre-K year at May River Montessori.  She started addition ("the pink cabinet") and is working on writing sentences and perfecting her letter sounds.  She's incredibly close to reading, too.  We are extremely proud of all that she has accomplished this year at only for years old!  The program there is truly impressive.

Her education would not be possible without her incredible teachers, Miss Deborah and Miss Amy. Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week at school so we are working on some cards like this one designed by Kelly Eubanks. (Though far less finished with a 4 year old designing and coloring.) Kelly used Hello Kitty School Days Peel & Stick stamps by PSA Essentials.

Our Hello Kitty School Days Peel & Stick stamps make a great gift for teacher paired with our PSA Stamper.   We also love giving the Peel & Stick pack "Super Star" paired with the stamper so teacher can stamp papers, tests, note cards, books and more.  

PSA Superstar

Perhaps mega-crafty teachers would go so far to create cards like these ones designed by Kelly Eubanks using these sets. 

Another great gift for teachers is a "from the library of" or "from the desk of" PSA Essentials personalized stamp

Book Peel & Stick® Personalized Stamp

Or choose our fill in stamps for teacher if you need a last minute gift and don't have time for personalized stamps! The teacher can personalize it themselves. 

Fill in Stamps (not custom)

Teachers deserve a huge round of applause and plenty more than stamps and a card, but hopefully we have inspired you and reminded you today to pick up something great for those teachers!  We will be sharing more ideas over the next few weeks that include some crafty, DIY gifts at home.  Share your ideas with us here or on our Facebook page

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