Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thankful Tree

Last year I saw lots of my crafty, blogger friends doing cool advent calendars for Thanksgiving. Rather than getting something each day before Thanksgiving, you have to give something or do something nice each day before Thanksgiving. Love it! Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that isn't about candy and presents -- so I think it's a real opportunity to teach something great to your children. For the second year in a row, our family is doing a "thankful tree." Every night at dinner, we write down something we are thankful for and add it to our tree.  Molly is beginning to understand the concept of "being thankful" and it's just funny to hear Connor's responses. It's a great exercise for adults, too! Responses range from serious to silly and both are okay with me. 

We also made the creation of the tree an event.  You can can create your thankful tree with your kids easily. All you need is: 
  1. Cardstock or construction paper in fall colors 
  2. Scalloped edge scissors 
  3. Window marker (for free) 
  4. PSA Essentials Topiary Peel & Stick stamps & PSA Stamper 

Start out by quickly outlining some oval shapes, somewhat resembling leaves. (Not an exact science!) 

When the leaves are cut out, stamp using your PSA Essentials stamp loaded with the flower basket from Topiary (or your choice!) 

Using your window markers, draw a tree on the window.  Using tape, stick your leaves on the window! (Please ignore my dirty window.) 

I chose to write a quote on the window above the tree: "A Thankful Heart is the Greatest Virtue." I spotted this last year on vacation and really love it! 

Here's how our tree turned out! Each day we add more and more leaves. I save the leaves and really enjoyed looking back on what everyone was thankful for last year. A fun family tradition! 

Happy Almost Thanksgiving! 

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