Monday, February 28, 2011

A Couples Shower

This past Saturday night, some friends & I held a couples shower for the betrothed Susan and Luke. Readers of our blog will recognize Susan – she's one of our design team members and also a very good friend of mine. We put on an excellent party with 26 guests including her bridesmaids from Massachusetts and his brother and best man from Chicago. The hosts were Ashley, Becca, Cynny, me, Britt and Laura. Here we are!

We all had different areas of responsibility. Mine were flowers and d├ęcor. Naturally, I got a personalized stamp made. I got made: "Celebrating Susan & Luke, February 26th, 2011." I stamped on some labels I got from Michaels, and tied a navy blue ribbon around a canning jar for flower vases. I got the flowers from Fresh Market – I got ranunculus, gerber daisies, delphinium, sun flowers, and hydrangeas. They were so colorful!

We got the food catered by Wise Guys on Hilton Head. On the menu was Tuna Tartare lettuce wraps, Kung Pao chicken lollipops, Kobe Beef Sliders, Mini Crab cakes & more. I created simple cards identifying the food using blank table cards, and stamping using PSA Mr. & Mrs. Peel & Stick stamp sets.

I created some gift wrap using the stamp. Susan really wanted the paper towel holder she registered for a Bed, Bath & Beyond…

Laura was responsible for the photo project. She became an expert PSA Essentials stamper, and used Susan's array of PSA Peel & Stick stamps. She stamped using PSA Archive and spelled out "The Delanos" and "Lucas" and "Susan." The pictures she got of the two are adorable and this project is so cute!

Here's the adorable couple opening gifts and them enjoying some cupcakes!

What a great party – can't wait for the wedding.

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  1. I love this! The stamps definitely gave everything that special, personalized, touch! Thank you for an amaze party!