Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cupcake Trend

Has anyone else noticed the trend away from cake and towards cupcakes over the last few years?  Cupcake bakeries have been popping up in metropolitan areas across the country since around 2007.  Sprinkles which started in Beverly Hills, CA bills itself as the starter of the cupcake craze and has a cult-like following (just ask my friend, Jenny Regan).  Sprinkles cupcake bar is like a jewelry case of sugar – and they are almost too pretty to eat. Then there's Crumbs, Magnolia Bakery, Red Velvet, Cake Love, Hello Cupcake, and oodles more all over.  What is America's new obsession with cupcakes?

At PSA Essentials, we've been on the cutting edge of this craze with our Cupcake Peel & Stick stamp pack. Our design team member Tami Mayberry created this card, wouldn't it be fun to send to a friend for her birthday?

Another of our design team members, Melyssa Connolly created this gift bag and tag using the cupcake.  I love how both designers have transformed the stamps by coloring them in.  Black and white really can be boring, especially for birthday's.  The musical note paper in the background of the gift bag is really fun.

If you have someone sweet in your life, you could also send them a cupcake to tell them you love them! Here's another card by Tami Mayberry. I love the scalloped paper, earthy cardstock, ribbon, and the bedazzling that she's done on the cupcake. Very "sweet!"

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  1. yummy post! I love all the cupcake gifting items and cards!

  2. These are such great projects!!! I love that cupcake stamp, one of my favorites!!