Friday, April 15, 2011

Molly’s Easter Egg Hunt: Menu & Cupcake Toppers

Using Martha Stewart's ideas can be a dangerous. For one, there's so much inspiration in the latest April issue of MS Living that it's easy to over-do it. For two, things start adding up and get pretty expensive. For three, you start feeling like…. well, you just aren't Martha Stewart. I have to keep reminding myself that I am NOT Martha Stewart – I'm Libby O and need not go overboard! The Easter egg hunt is coming up this weekend. Time to talk food & how I will showcase it.

Since the party is from 2-5 pm, etiquette would dictate no food is necessary. But what fun is that? I'm thinking a few finger sandwiches for the adults wouldn't hurt. Found this Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich at – where else? Martha Stewart online. (See recipe here: Refreshing cucumber tea sandwiches are also planned. I am not a stuffy person, I just really love a good tea sandwich!

Also planned on the menu: cupcakes! These cupcake topper were my inspiration.

I created some cupcake toppers that I will show next week in my recap of the event! Now one thing I am surely glad Martha shared with us this issue: springtime cocktail recipes! No worries about letting her down here. I will be making one of the Spring Spritzers… Will it be Honey Vanila or Green Tea- Cranberry? Not sure yet!

Have a great weekend. Be sure to check back Monday for photos of the event & oodles of pictures of the kiddos at the Egg Hunt!


  1. Beautiful cake toppers, can't wait to see the pics of the egg hunt!

  2. Love all of these Libby! How creative!