Thursday, March 22, 2012

Command Center

In my nesting craze, I have a serious need for organization.  This fridge and desk in the kitchen were not cutting it.  Clutter kept piling up.  Admittedly it’s not a disaster, but it was still not up to par… this is what it looked like before:

I have been really wanting a “command center” and loved the Daily System from Pottery Barn.  (Even have a board dedicated to this idea on Pinterest -   I used some gift cards from Christmas and purchased the white board, letter and pin board I wanted.  If you are doing the same, don’t forget to order the rods, too.  The “O” for “O’Regan” is from Restoration Hardware Baby.

I made magnets to jazz things up a little.   It took me 5 minutes and I was on the phone the whole time with my father.  So it was really easy!  Here’s what you need:

·         Colorful paper
·         PSA Essentials Peel & Stick stamps:  Date Night & Mom’s Calendar
·         Black ink & your PSA Essentials stamper
·         1” inch hole punch
·         Strong adhesive – like 3M photo mount
·         Magnets

Just stamp the images you want onto your paper, punch out and adhere to your magnets.  I didn’t finish off with a sealer, there’s no need.

They add some color to the calendar.

For my fridge, I ordered chalkboard stickers from Wallies.  I am using these to plan my weekly menu for our family and another to keep track of what we need at the store.

The result of my organization is a few dollars less in the bank, a little bit more organization and total peace of mind for the preggo lady.

Happy organizing!  I was so proud of this project, I posted it to linking parties on my favorite blogs.  Ever done a linking party?  They are so fun.   Check out these amazing blogs and come join the party.