Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stamped Banner for Kids

Michael's put out their Valentine's craft section about 2 seconds after the ball dropped, and I was most pleased. It's never too early to start seasonal crafts in our household and I was lucky to score some great items around the first of the year.  I found Paperology pre-cut hearts that I knew would make for a good kids project using PSA Essentials Peel & Stick stamps.

The important part of this craft is that kids have fun.  I try not to worry about stamps being perfect, or paint being perfect.  They aren't and that's okay. You will need:

  1. Paperology Paper Hearts (you could also cut your own from cardstock!) 
  2. Pink and purple paint 
  3. PSA Frenchie Peel & Stick stamps (lips) 
  4. PSA Smile Peel & Stick stamps (You're sweet!) 
  5. XOXO Ribbon by Martha Stewart
  6. Hole punch 

When dry, load up the stamper and let the kids stamp.  Molly randomly stamped "You're So Sweet" and the lips all over the hearts.  Then I hole punched and threaded the ribbon through. 

Hang from the window and that's it! Easy and fun to do with the kids in the afternoon. 

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