Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Day Garland

Rubber Stamped Valentine's Day Garland

Mrs. Green is the newest member of our PSA Essentials design team! She's created a Valentine's Day Garland that I just adore.   On her blog, she's done a fantastic tutorial which I am lucky to be able to share with you today!  To recreate this, you will need:
  • Cardstock
  • Stamps by PSA Essentials
  • Ribbon
  • Rope or similar
  • Mini clothespins
  • Circle punch
  • Glue dots
* Mrs. Green used stamps from six different PSA Essentials peel & stick packs for this project: the dotted outer ring from the Cupcake set, and an assortment of whimsical, love-themed centers from the Mr and Mrs, Love Birds, Smile, Happy Holidays, and Whimsy Cakes sets.
Valentine's Day rubber stamps
Stamp your chosen designs onto white card stock.  Mrs. Green chose 5 different designs and stamped 5 of each design, giving her a total of 25 stamps. Use a circle punch to punch out the stamped designs.
Rubber Stamped Valentine's Day Garland
Add tails of ribbon to the bottom of each circle.  She used an assortment of five different ribbons that she got from the dollar store, attaching the pieces to the circles using glue dots instead of regular glue to make the process go faster. (And cleaner!) Since she had 5 of each stamp and 5 different ribbons, she was able to pair them up in such a way that no two of her resulting medallions are the same.
Rubber Stamped Valentine's Day Garland
To assemble the garland, you will need rope (or something similar) and mini clothespins.
Rubber Stamped Valentine's Day Garland
Easy peasy!  Visit Mrs. Green and subscribe to her crafty awesomeness to ensure that you never miss a post!

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