Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Cupcake Toppers

Making adorable cupcake toppers is easy.  All you really need are some good punches (round, scalloped or square will do!) card stock, stamps and lollipop sticks.  We made some this weekend for our Valentine's Day party and playdate.  (What's a party without cupcakes, really?)

Start by stamping onto card stock. I used Molly's custom stamp that our designer Lesley made for Molly last year.  It says: "Happy Valentine's Day -- Molly O'Regan."  (PSA is happy to design custom stamps for our customers, custom art work fee applies, to inquire email us!)

Then we punched them out using a 1.5" round punch.  I also punched out various Valentine's Day patterend card stock with a 2" inch punch.   Have your assistant glue them together...

When you are done, you will have to glue them to white lollipop sticks.  Final product photos coming after the party on Friday!

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