Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt Recap

Happy Easter! What a terrible weather weekend we had here in the Lowcountry.  Our 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt was supposed to be held at my parents house on the beach on Friday, but the forecast was threatening 100% chance of rain.  Rather than cancel it, my mom and I threw the party at Station 300 Bowling Alley. They had a private room where we were able to decorate and "hide" eggs.  While the kids waited for everyone to arrive, we had snacks and drinks and colored on custom made coloring pages. The hunt for about 500 eggs between 13 kids lasted only a few minutes, and then we were off to bowl! It was a great party spent with friends and family.  A little wild and crazy but plenty of fun! We missed all those that couldn't make it due to weather, sickness, work, etc. Here's a look back on this year's Easter Egg Hunt!

Here are the cupcake toppers made with my PSA Essentials Peel & Stick stamps (Topiary) and my PSA Stamper.  Easy to make!  I made the coloring page by googling clip art of bowling and easter eggs. I photoshopped them together with some text.  Done! 

Here are the hosts -- me and my mom!  See -- we really listened to our signage.  When there was rain, we "kept calm and hunted on." Molly and Connor were SO excited for the party.

When everyone was there, the kids started "hunting" for eggs! 

There was no shortage of eggs! So then it was time to grab a snack and head out to the bowling lanes. My hubby, Mike, was on Connor duty most of the evening...

What's a party without cupcakes?

A huge thank you to my mom, the best co-host there is!  What a wonderful party.  Hope you have had a great Easter, as well! 

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