Friday, April 4, 2014

Monogram Front Door Wreath

Between the holidays, I needed an outdoor wreath to hang on my door.  You see, I have plenty of wreaths for Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day... but what about in between?  Using my PSA Essentials personalized stamp die (I use the Wallace one) I created a personalized wreath to use for all occasions.  Please ignore that my front door desperately needs painting, but here's out the wreath turned out! 

I chose to go with an “O” for O’Regan and I stamped the wooden letter with my “O’Regan” Wallace personalized stamp.

To recreate this, you will need:

·         A foam wreath (got mine at Michael’s)
·         Burlap
·         Plastic flowers
·         Wooden letter
·         Personalized stamp (used PSA Essentials Wallace)
·         Martha Stewart gold ink
·         Acrylic block
·         Hot glue gun
·         Twine from The Twinery
·         May Arts Ribbon

Start by stamping the wooden letter with your stamp.

Next, wrap your foam wreath in burlap, using your hot glue gun to secure it.

Now add your flowers with your hot glue gun.  You will want to break them down to smaller vines so they stick with the hot glue.  If it’s too heavy, they won’t adhere.  Don’t worry if you get some glue on the burlap, you can cover it up with flowers after.   While that dries, use finishing spray on your stamped letter.

When it’s all dry, it’s time to tie your letter onto the wreath with twine.   This was the hardest part for me and I still don’t think it looks even. 

When it’s all threaded, tie a ribbon to then hang from the door hanger.  I used May Arts Natural Twine Ribbon for this.    Now, my wreath is ready to hang on the door.

What do you think?

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