Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Holiday Stamp Release

I am so excited to share with you our new collection of PSA Essentials holiday stamps for 2014. This project has been in the works for months! We've been on the look out for design trends in the stationery industry, especially in holiday cards, and our designers have really come up with a strong collection of personalized stamps. I think you'll love them!

In our release, there are a few vintage artwork designs (my favorites!), cheerful greetings, several Nordic looking designs, dangling ornaments and plenty more. There's something for everyone and we know that they'll make your 2014 holiday cards really stand out from the stack and give your holiday correspondence that added festive touch.  Take a peek at the collection!

What's your favorite new design?  I just know they are going to look great on holiday cards this year! Sometimes I need a break from red and green... don't you? 

Eat, drink and be merry would be awesome for a holiday party! 

You can't go wrong with this upscale, classic vintage bow design!

Deck the Halls, y'all!

I love the look of this one, it's so different than the others!

A few other favorites! How much do you love the kissing reindeer?

I think the vintage stamps pair nicely with a classic photo greeting card.

We think our stamps will really stand out this year!

Here's a more playful and fun one! "Oh What Fun" brings life to a cheery greeting.

And we know that our personalized return address stamps for the holidays really make sending out holiday cards easier!

So what do you think? Leave us a comment and let us know which one is your favorite!