Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Emma’s 1st Birthday Party

Last week, we attended Molly's friend Emma Caron's 1st birthday party.  The Tutu & Tie themed party was held at the Colleton River Country Club  indoors due to rain which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  All those kids in the pool can be chaotic and Kelly did an amazing job decorating the clubhouse.   Colleton River is a pretty stunning spot in the LowCountry.

Kelly crafted the pinwheel decorations, the "Happy Birthday Emma Banner", the pom-poms, and all of the decorations.  They ordered the enormous balloons online which was a real focal point for the kids table.  Molly got to take a balloon home, and although it is now deflated,  still loves it.   Check out the lower right picture, you will see Molly and our god-daughter Ella transfixed.  They are patiently waiting for cupcakes.   I've never seen either of them sit so still.  

Kelly gave all her guests either a Tutu or a Tie (depending on the child's gender) and she stamped the gift bag with Emma's monogram with her Antique Cipher personalized stamp from PSA Essentials .  She'll use it to create stationery for her thank-you notes (you should have seen the loot this girl took in), the inside of her books, and to play with at home.   I see lots of UBU, Smirk, Peanuts and Original PSA designs in Emma's future… 

We feasted on coconut fried shrimp, jerk chicken, plantains, sweet potato fries, and Ronnie's Cupcakes for dessert.   The kids all played with toys and the adults socialized and drank adult beverages.  It was a great Friday night and we were so happy and honroed to be invited!  Happy 1st Birthday Emma!


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