Monday, August 1, 2011

Old School Glamour

I'm ditching Britney Spears and Real Housewives for Old Hollywood. Old school glamour. Classic icons and classy idols. True style and high fashion. If only for a day.

Scored these gorgeous photos on my new labor of love and ever source of creativity, Pinterest. The black and white photography really speaks to me. The images are high contrast and pack a punch. I'd love to hang this first one of Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn on my wall in my bedroom.

The iconic Grace Kelly…

And of course, Jackie O. I love her so much. I am still trying to make "Libby O" happen…

And then there's this…

This last picture of Jackie O and JFK really did remind me of this classy card that Melyssa Connolly created. (Getting back on topic now…) The floral print in Jackie O's dress and the floral print in the paper and the sentiment – love & love birds – worked all too perfectly together for me. She's stamped from PSA Love Birds using two different inks.

She played with that same floral print paper on this card. She stamped the "I" and "U" from PSA Vanilla Peel & Stick stamps. She's taken the time to SEW IN the buttons to the card. If you received this in the mail, wouldn't you feel special? I would.

I think it's in keeping with old school glamour to send letters in the mail. I am making a concerted effort to send more mail to friends and family. Just because! So who do you love? Who do you admire and idolize? Comment today and let me know.


  1. Love the old photos! I wish life was as simple as I imagine it to have been back then. I have an old post card that my SIL gave me like 15 years ago of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, I love it! She said it reminded her of me and hubby :) It has been on every refrigerator of every house that we have lived in.

    Super sweet cards, they definitely have a wonderful vintage feel. :)

  2. Jackie O is the total fashion icon. Vivian Lee & Clark Gable from Gone with the Wind. Audrey Hepburn of course. Marilyn Monroe & James Dean. And my ultimate favorite Paul Newman. I love them all. And I love vintage themed cards.

  3. Great photos and cards!....
    I don't idolize anybody human and do admire every strong women.

  4. Wonderful photos... I have a glamour photo taken of my grandma that is along the same lines; she had her own unique style which I always admired!