Monday, December 5, 2011

Every Day with Rachael Ray

This time of year all of our favorite celebs are telling us what their favorite gifts are to give and what's hot on the market. This season, Rachael Ray outlined her favorite kitchen goodies –like an egg tray, wine of the month club, alphabet cups for kids, chip and dip tray. She also announced her favorite non-kitchen goodies – like eco-friendly pencils, custom silhouette artwork, and one of MY favorites - PSA Essentials personalized and Peel & Stick stamps! 

We were honored to be chosen as one of Rachael's favorite things! Check out all her online bonus gift guide recommendations and see PSA Essentials here.





  1. Very cool! Hey, even celebs know a good thing when they see it :-)

  2. Only the best is brought to their attention! :D Congratulations!!!

    ~Vanessa W