Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Cookies

Creating gorgeous holiday cookies that look like they came from a bakery has always been something I want to do. I found a great tutorial online on how to create bakery style cookies and they're a whole lot easier than I thought.

These gorgeous cookies would make a great gift this time of year. Place them in a tin with parchment paper to keep them from getting ruined. Wrap the tin (or skip the wrapping and just tie a bow). Attach a handmade gift tag and stamp the back of the tag with your personalized "from the kitchen of" stamp. Now you have a great holiday present that's thoughtful and looks great, too!

I love baking this time of year! Do you have any good online recipes to share?


  1. Yummy! They are fabulous. Your frosting job is so outstanding. They look like they were stamped. In fact I have a stamp set that looks like those.

  2. Your cookies came out AWESOME! They look so delicious & your icing/frosting looks very professional! Great job!!!

  3. YUM!!!! Great job decorating your cookies and the tag with the personalized stamp is just perfect!

  4. Beautiful cookies! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!!