Friday, January 27, 2012

Handmade Dress

I haven’t learned how to sew.    When choosing electives in junior high school, I stayed far, far away from textiles and continued to avoid anything to do with sewing well into art school.   I have always been impressed by those who can sew, who can follow a pattern, who create their own patterns, and who can make clothing out of fabric – because it’s not something I ever learned how to do.   It’s on my bucket list.

My good friend Susan (and design team member at PSA Essentials) has become very domestic since her engagement and wedding and has been putting her sewing machine to good use.   Coming from someone who doesn’t sew and who is impressed by those that do, I was blown away with Molly’s 2nd birthday gift.   It’s a dress – that Susan MADE.

Knowing that Molly loves birds, Susan created lovely bird dress from her husband’s comfy t-shirts.   The dress is so soft!  It’s stylish, too.  Don’t you love the detail on the shoulder?    She downloaded the free pattern and instructions here:

Always incorporating PSA Essentials into her work, Susan designed a tag for the dress, using the outer ring stamp from PSA Essentials Carriage and then sewed a “2” onto the tag.  I asked her if this is the name of her dress line…. She said she doesn’t plan on venturing into that field. 

Too bad though!  Because I think it’s the cutest.    Will update this post when Molly is big enough to wear this adorable dress.  The way she eats and grows, it won’t be long… 

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  1. Cute dress, I will have to check this out for my granddaughters.

  2. Cute!

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  3. Cute dress, I hopped over her for Lynne's Bithday Blog hop hoping to see an Alice in Wonderland project.
    Katsews at gmail dotcom

  4. Adorable dress! What a great idea! I love the stitching.

    Jax Bean Stalks

  5. Super cute! I love it! TFS Callyann

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  7. I love MADE. ANd I love the Warhol Dress. That blog has so many great ideas. As do you! Great job on the dress. I'm determined to make this for my daughter this summer.

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