Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year In Review – Day 3

Another of my favorite posts this year was in May 2011, celebrating Mother's Day. I attempted to sum up my mother in two words, and I challenged our readers to come up with two words to sum up their mother's. (The responses ranged from "batsh**t crazy to best friend!) Here's a look back on this great post…

In two words, my mom is honest and supportive. My relationship with my mother can be summarized by one comment she made to me a few years ago. I was upset about something that had not gone my way. I was disappointed in her honest reaction so she said: "Libby, don't you have a friend to call to tell you what you want to hear?" You see, my mom is the most forthcoming person you've ever met. She'll tell you the God's honest truth without fail. 

In addition to being the most honest person you've met, she's also the most supportive. This is a good thing because it means if you've done something wrong, she'll call it like it is but also support you. She's also an excellent cheerleader. My tennis partner Erin loves playing against my mom, because my mom spends about half of the match congratulating us on our shots. This is also a metaphor to everything I do in life – she's always putting me before her own gain and cheering me on. Here she is! (Isn't this a stunning picture of her?)

I don't need today to celebrate my mom, and don't need to be celebrated for being a mom – but I'll join in with the commercialism of it all. Here are some great ideas for Mother's Day cards. Hurry, there's still time to make them! The first one is by Carly Robertson. She's stamped the butterfly from PSA Cupcake and used Spellbinders dies to create visual interest around the stamp. Love her color palate here, too!

This is also by Carly. The impressive detail of sewing on the buttons really elevates this card. She's stamped "Happy Mother's Day" from PSA Topiary. This collection is perfect for spring!

This next card was designed by Jennifer Holmes. She's colored up the butterflies, which makes the stamp extra special! The coordinating ribbons and paper tie everything together so nicely!

So I have described my mom in two words: honest and supportive. What two words would you use to describe your mother?


  1. these are all beautiful cards!
    TFS :)

  2. Very pretty cards. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Very pretty cards. I would describe my Mom as strong and beautiful.