Friday, November 16, 2012

Give Thanks Décor

Ginger Bowie at Ginger Snap Crafts came up with this cute and simple thanksgiving décor   This would look great in a home entry way, on a desk, the mantel or in the kitchen.  It's a simple reminder of the season and what it's about.  Giving thanks! 

Ginger used her PSA Essentials Vanilla Peel & Stick stamps for this project.  

Most importantly, she used her PSA Stamper with the stamps here to achieve crisp and clean impressions.  Our stamps do work great with acrylic blocks, but as you may know - acrylic block stamping relies on your hand pressure to achieve the perfect stamp.  It's hard to get it right.   With our stamper, getting it right is easy!   (You've seen the video... right?) 

See how crisp and clean Ginger stamps are here!  Now that's some good stamping! 

I am loving all of these seasonal, thanksgiving projects.  Are you?