Monday, February 25, 2013

Just a note

Sending a card "just because" is one of the kindest gestures there is.  In a sea of bills, junk mail, and catalogs a piece of mail is like finding a buried treasure.  I really like inspirational quote cards from The Fridge Door. They have hundreds of simple cards with quotes from famous authors, musicians, politicians, and more.  There's a quote for every occasion.  Now imagine sending a friend a "never never never give up" card when she's going through a hard time.  Wouldn't that just lift her spirits?

When sending cards like this, use your personalized address stamp and switch out your middle.  It's that added touch that makes receiving that letter even more special.  I used my personalized Wallace stamp and switched out my middle for "just a note" from the Just A Note Peel & Stick pack by PSA Essentials.  It's cute, right? 

Check out how crisp and clear the impressions are, too! 

As you can see, there really is a switchable middle for every occasion even "just because."  Find more ideas on switching your middles with my last few posts and see more this week!  I'm on a roll! 

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