Monday, February 4, 2013

Magnetic Dishwasher Sign

Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty?  It's a never ending question in my household - in many households - and in Mae Armstrong's, too.   Being that she's crafty, got a knack for design, and an organized momma, she came up with a solution to share.  It's a magnetic "Clean" sign!   Stick it on as soon as you've run the dishwasher.  Take it off just after you've unloaded it.

Dishwasher - Magnetic Sign

Mae picked up wooden craft boards at Michael's and used her PSA Essentials Archive Peel & Stick stamps.   She choose the rooster stamp from the PSA Country Home Peel & Stick stamp set, too.  She added a vintage spoon stamp from my stamp collection.  (LOVE THIS Vintage Spoon!) 

To replicate, plan the letters and stamp away.  Then add four magnets on the back of the board.

 Dishwasher - Magnetic Sign

What a simple, fast and usable project! 

Dishwasher - Magnetic Sign2

I can see different ideas for this project already... 

Dishwasher - Magnetic Sign3

Dishwasher - Magnetic Sign4

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