Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Save the date card

The story of Mike proposing to me is actually quite funny.  It was a very "us" proposal.  There wasn't some long walk on the beach, a candle lit dinner or flowers waiting for me at home.  Nope.  Mike proposed to me in our guest bathroom on March 27, 2007.

I was hanging a shower curtain and barking orders at him to hand me another shower curtain ring.  "Hand me a ring, hand me a ring," I kept saying.  When the curtain was done, I went into another room.  I heard him call to me that the shower curtain fell down.  I ran back screaming expletives, frustrated and annoyed only to find a gorgeous diamond ring sitting on the bath tub and my husband smiling.    This is our story book romance and I love it.   "Hand me a ring" took on a whole new meaning.  

Here we are in March 2007.

When it came time to plan the wedding (I started about 30 seconds after the ring was on my finger) I was really excited about choosing my stationery suite.  As a printmaking major and a lover of stationery, this was one task of wedding planning I really looked forward to.   I went with a William Arthur Save the Date from Fine Stationery.com.

I recreated my envelopes recently to show how you can use PSA Essentials personalized stamps and our  Peel & Stick stamp designs for save the dates.   I used my Wallace personalized stamp and switched up my middle for the "save the date" from PSA Mr. & Mrs. Peel & Stick stamps.    Switching up my middle was easy - just peek at our video again if you aren't sure how to do it.

If sending out a lot of invitations and save the dates like I did, the stamper is an easy was to dress up your envelopes and save time and money.  Return address printing can get expensive plus, this adds a little extra flair.

Looking forward to sharing my wedding invitation tomorrow, and other great life events as part of my blog series of switchable middles.  There really is one for every occasion! 

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