Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sip & See Invitation

Until I moved to the south, I had never heard of a "Sip and See."   This party is thrown in honor of the mother and baby after the baby is born so that everyone can meet the baby.  It's a post-delivery shower if you -- will with less of a focus on gifts.  If it's a second, third or more child, it makes a lot of sense to me since you probably already have many of the things you need before the baby is born.  Guest "sip" on champagne or sparkly water and get to "see" the baby!  At the ones I have been to, the mom's do not open presents in front of guests.  What a relief for both mom and guest!

My mother held a Sip & See in Boston for both of my children.  A few months after both Molly and Connor were born, we all flew up to Boston for a visit and to show off the kiddos.  Here was Molly's Sip and See invitation by Peekaboo Pumpkin.

When sending the invitations, I switched out my Wallace personalized stamp for the "A star is born" middle from the PSA Carriage Peel & Stick pack.  This Peel & Stick pack is perfect for a baby!  We also switched up the ink for a pop of color.

The party was fabulous.  My mom hosted over 70 people to meet Molly at their neighborhood clubhouse.

When it came time for Connor's Sip & See in Boston, we ordered from Swanky Press.

We switched out the middle of our PSA Essentials Wallace personalized stamp and used the duck from PSA Carriage.   I also changed out my ink for black and lime.  Changing the ink is super easy!

The party was so much fun, Connor got to meet a lot of my friends from high school and dozens of my mom's friends.

Have you been to a Sip & See?  Don't you love the idea?

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