Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Children's Book Bin

In June, The American Academy of Pediatrics released an article about reading to your children in infancy. Until recently, the Reach Out and Read program was focused on early literacy and school readiness, preparing school-age children to read.  While that remains important, the focus now is on helping parents nurture reading skills at home starting in infancy.  Right as they are born! This not only encourages a love of reading and incorporates reading into their daily routine, but also strengthen emotional relationships -- a lesser thought of advantage when it comes to reading to your children.  Of course, reading to your children also strengthens brain development, language skills, and cognitive development. So no matter which way you slice it, reading is good. Start early and read often.

Krissy at B-Inspired Mama used our PSA Essentials stamps in a fun project for her children's rooms to encourage reading. She got a magazine rack at Michael's, painted it the color she wanted, and then stamped "READ" using PSA Essentials Vanilla Peel & Stick stamps.  You can customize this project any way you choose. Have your children decorate the book bin, use markers, use paint, use stickers. Stamp their name on the bin!

What are your favorite children's books?  Here are our current favorites in The O'Regan household. 
  • Emily's Balloon.  If your children love balloons, this one is for you! 
  • The Girl and The Bicycle.  Though we aren't usually fans of all pictures (and no words), this one is by far the best picture book out there. 
  • Library Lion -- perhaps the best book ever written for children. I am just going to through that out there. 
  • The Day The Crayons Quit.  Since I am obsessed with the uber talented, Oliver Jeffers (I love all of his books and illustrations!) and this one is incredibly clever, be sure to check out The Day The Crayons Quit.  There's a reason it's #1 on the Times best seller list! 

If you have a moment, hop on over to another blog that I write for The Storybook Shoppe in Bluffton, South Carolina.  I provide weekly recommendations to our readers. You can even shop the titles right there online and have them shipped to your door! Happy reading and crafting. 

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